Who am I really?

February 2, 2017

One of the things I’m asking for this year is to allow myself to receive more than ever and to relax into that receiving.   It means that the walls and barriers I have studiously erected to make sure I’m never hurt, damaged or affected by all the energies around me, have to come down.    It means releasing all the background judgments I’ve had about the world, the ones I have refined to such an extent that they don’t seem like judgments at all,  but more like facts.    ‘Facts’ that I have proved over and over are real and true.

What I am seeing is that those very barriers that I put up to ‘keep me safe’ are actually locking in everything I am trying to avoid.   They don’t work.  They have never worked.   They just made my mind feel a bit happier but actually I have continued to be at the effect of so many energies and have to work ever harder to keep everything I’ve decided is not OK out!

So, as the walls come down and I’m opening up to receiving more I’m also aware that what I have defined as me, what I have believed as me and what I have judged as me – is nothing to do with who I really am!   I am becoming more and more aware that it is the energies of what I have been perceiving all around me.   I’ve heard that 98% of all our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not ours but are part of the psychic soup we live in and that is becoming more of a reality for me more and more every day.

What if we are all SO much more than we have ever been led to believe?   What if the definitions and categorisations we put ourselves in are nothing more than adopted lies?   What are you and what are you capable of that you’ve never believed would be possible to actualise?

There’s a great question I’m playing with that may contribute to you.   It’s from Dr. Dain Heer and it is: “If I were truly being the space of me here, what would I choose?”

The tool of “Who does this belong to?” or “Is this mine?” become constant companions to strip back the limitations that are like the background noise of reality and allow us to really become aware of who – or what – we actually are.

What if our willingness to let go of the holding patterns and to truly receive us is the greatest gift we can be, for ourselves – and for the world?



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