Living Beyond your Ancestors

Living Beyond Ancestors

Untying Ancestral Knots

We come into the world through our families and often inherit those patterns and tendencies that have been carried through the generations.   These energies can be helpful or they can be counter to what we would like to create for our own life.   There are often woundings or unhealed traumas that families carry from one generation to the next.

Family patterns can play out in physical, emotional or mental patternings and can show us as illness, anxieties or conditions that seem difficult or even impossible to shift.   Many times the origins of this go back many generations to lifetimes very different to our own.

What does it take to go beyond all of this?   Becoming aware of the dynamics in your ancestry can bring awareness and clarity to areas of life you find challenging and that you may have inherited from your family line.

We also have a lineage that traces our own previous incarnations.   These can sometimes intertwine with the family line and create even more twisting until they are cleared or acknowledged.    Join me to unravel the threads that have been binding you, release any vows you may have made to heal your family line or that are keeping you stuck in the past.   This is a gift for you and also for the ancestors.   What if your family could actually be a contribution to you?    What could your life be like if you could go beyond the ancestral patterns and traumas?

3 Zoom Telecalls – April 25th, May 1st and 3rd at 7pm.

Calls will be recorded and sent out afterwards.    If you can’t join us live you can submit your questions ahead of time.




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