The tale of the dirty screens

December 12, 2016


A while back my partner and I kept on noticing how dirty the screens on our windows were and we kept saying to each other – “we must clean those screens off”.    “Yes, we’ll wait till a nice warm day to do that”.  And then, “Oh, no, it was a lovely sunny day and we forgot those screens again” and so it went on for several weeks.

There always seemed to be something so much more enticing or interesting to do than clean off those screens until eventually we looked at each other and said ‘OK, we are going to do it NOW!’

So, we cleaned the screens and the windows behind them and, the most amazing part, we both felt SO good in ourselves as a result.   Our world got a little bit brighter and we felt the energy in the house shift and become lighter and easier as if  the whole house was shining.

What is it that keeps us from getting on with those little irritating jobs that begin to pile up or keep grabbing our attention until we finally do them?   How much energy does it keep jammed up in our world and in our bodies to have those things there?

I recently shared this story with a group of people and every single one of the group resonated with this.   It seems that we all do this and recognise how much better we feel when we just get on with whatever it is.

So, I wonder what unfinished jobs or even un-started jobs you could tackle today that would release so much creative space and energy into your world that you could create something fun and joyful with?

Now, off to clear up those papers on my desk!


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