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  • Thank you for the gift of you and for the gift of your skillful, compassionate and effective facilitation.   I feel safe to be me and show up with all my possible “flaws” – only to be greeted by a most heart-open, non-judgmental awareness – always focused on what will give me the greatest allowance and the greatest empowerment.   Such appreciation for that most rare of gifts.

  • - M. Mayer
  • Had my Skype session with Juliana Freeman – gave me so much more than I expected – cleared up some stuff I had been looking at for ages and not got clarity on. … if you have an area you could do with more clarity in – I SO recommend Juliana – go buy a 1-2-1 session with her.

  • - Mary Haines
  • I had an amazing BARS session with Juliana Freeman! During the session, she assisted me in clearing many old patterns, beliefs, and contracts that I had developed or made in many previous lifetimes, and that were still effecting me in this lifetime in a way that was not serving my highest good. Juliana is very intuitive and had keen insights into the energies that were stirring up in me with the BARS. Her insights and processes helped me to connect to these energies and then quickly and effectively release them.

    The BARS released a lot of energy and left me feeling lighter and more spacious and relaxed. I feel that I am more open and available to receive my spiritual gifts and to take the next step on my spiritual journey, from a perspective of “what else is possible?” and “how does it get even better than this?” I highly recommend Juliana as a BARS practitioner.

    Juliana’s Access Bars class resonated deeply with me. I was moved to tears while having my bars run the first time. I felt such a release and afterwards a joy that filled me with laughter. Juliana has a wonderful ability to sense the right questions to ask to facilitate my clearing of life times of baggage. I feel confident that I will be able to run the bars for my loved ones. This class was truly a life changing experience.

  • - Helen Van Sise
  • How can I thank you, I can’t explain what I feel after our session – incredible. So much expansion. I am bowled over by this session Juliana – it was like taking my first breath. How the wisdom of life streams through us when we open to it. What you have given me today goes way beyond what money can do as a gesture of thanks. I am noticing that ways I have been thinking and feeling for years have suddenly changed and I just don’t feel that way anymore….. In fact I am noticing that they seem quite strange to me! It’s like layers of insecurities and angst in certain situations and interactions have just kind of dissolved! It’s incredible really.

  • - CR
  • After my session with Juliana I am delighted at how light and joyful I am feeling. Before the consultation I was awash with painful emotions that were destroying my joy of life.   Juliana is extremely perceptive, she draws upon her vast array of skills and experience into exactly what is needed in the moment.   One of the best parts is that it’s so easy.   In Juliana’s safe and loving hands, I was able to wade through lifetimes of suffering and destroy and uncreate everything so that I can start fresh right now.   I have a new sense of possibility and of being reborn.

    I highly recommend Juliana’s consultations  if you really want to create changes on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, quickly and easily without having to go through deep psychoanalysis or painful past traumas, this will be the best investment you can make.

  • - Barbara Goldsmith
  • I am so grateful for Juliana and how well she facilitated my Foundation class.  There were so many Aha moments and reality shifts that were literally palpable.  Her ability to genuinely convey the materials and then facilitate me out of any stuckness I experienced and guide me toward clarity was such a blessing!!!  Even now, weeks later, I am expanded and blissfully joyful.  I continue to run the processes from the class and my world just keeps expanding with more possibility.  I wholeheartedly recommend this class and Juliana, as a very skillful facilitator, to anyone who feels a pull towards it.   Do yourself a favor and dive in!  You’ll be very happy you did!   I know I am!!      So Grateful,

  • - John Stetson
  • Having my Bars session with the lovely, caring Juliana was such a beautiful experience that I had to come back a second time, and that won’t be the last!

    The first session she dealt with finding my voice and cleared everything that stood in the way of that. Which was not only 53 years of this lifetime but many before that. No easy task!

    I have since found my voice and am learning to express myself as never before. The second session cleared many old patterns that stood in the way of living my life to the full. I have since started clearing my house, something I have put off for years! That is just the beginning!!!!

  • - Kate Hellmers
  • Things have been good with me. I’ve felt… less sensitive for one! It’s been easier with most people really. So that’s the biggest change.

    Oh also things were a lot better with my partner and I was more relaxed I think and wanting to be in his company more and even thinking about moving back!!! So a definite change in many subtle ways.

    Bring it on……. Thank you so so much for the session it was really quite amazing, we certainly went deeeeeeep! You are so good at getting to the bottom of all my stuff and I’m so very grateful to you for that, thank you xx

  • - KH
  • I just completed an Access Foundation Class with Juliana— Her class was life changing and self-affirming— she deftly used the tools of Access to unlock and unravel some very core issues I was finally ready and willing to look at and get support clearing.

    She was remarkable in her level of allowance, inclusion and gentle offering of clarity for all of us in the class.

    She was willing and open to have others contribute to the forward progress of the class in a way I had not witnessed before and it was so transformative. I am so grateful and appreciative.

  • - Mary Mayer
  • I have had the joy of receiving a Symphony of Possibilities session today with her. Wow Wow Wow! What a gift this work is! Thank you Thank you Juliana for your huge commitment to consciousness and for stepping up into this level of awesome wonder and possibility. This is beyond wonderful work.

    Thank you also to Dr Dain Heer for bringing these gifts and tools to us to be more of who we were born to Be. I weep with joy and gratitude and say YES. I am choosing more of Me! Yay! How does it get Even better than this??

  • - Heather Smith Cowen
  • The session with you and the other ladies was really awesome. It was a great group of beings and so uplifting to see and feel the breakthroughs we had. I felt so good afterwards. I’ve been using the 123 since then when feeling heavy and it helps. I’ve been feeling more possibilities opening up too. HS

  • - HS
  • yes … it worked magic … had a difficult meeting to attend this afternoon re the school, and it made ALL the difference , I just kept repeating those questions you gave me and it really did help … changed the paradigm I was in xxx thanks I was cycling to school repeating the questions over and over to stop myself going into conclusions and assumptions and fixed viewpoints … it kept my heartspace open to the possibility I might not be seeing things from true clarity …

    It was a bit of a make or break moment to be honest and your message was kind of angel sent .. !!!! ;) … the questions seeemed to remove the aspect of emotional reactivity and I got a flash of something I hadnt even considered as to what this situation was really about ….. brilliant, really !!!

  • - CP
  • Thank you so much for that awesome Skype session. My body and being feel so different, it’s such a huge relief to have un-twisted all of that ancient stuff and called back that part of me I had ‘buried’. As you say, what is possible now that wasn’t possible before? Thank you also for your awareness and clarity. I always enjoy exploring the galaxy with you and appreciate the non-judgemental, open, joyfilled, light and fun energy you offer. My deep appreciation for all that you be and that you remind me to be.

  • - Janine G

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