One to One Facilitating

Do you sense there is more for you but are not sure how to achieve it? Are your fears or limitations holding you back from what you would love to have as your life?


What would you change if you could change anything?


I would love to facilitate you to let go of what isn’t working for you.   My special skills are in getting to the roots of what has been holding you back and assisting you in choosing what will work for your life from now on. Whether it is money, fear, relationships, health issues or just not trusting in yourself, we can create a space for you to create something new that really works for you.


How much more ease would you be willing to have in your life?


Nothing happens to us – we are the creative beings that can change anything and from a place of allowance and non-judgement of what you might have chosen so far,  you can change whatever isn’t working for you.   Can you believe that?   Could it really be that easy? Yes, if you are willing to go beyond the stories of what you have created so far and really choose to change.


What if you have never done anything wrong?


Many hundreds of people use these tools to go beyond their pain, limitations and not believing in themselves to create more space and possibilities for whatever they desire.   With over three decades of working with people, energies and spaces combined with the powerful tools and processes of Access Consciousness® we can quickly and effectively clear away old, stuck judgments, belief systems and points of view that are limiting and dis-empowering you.  Somewhere underneath the stuckness or confusion you know who you are and we will move you closer to the real you, the one that is infinitely capable and potent.


What new choices could you make that really work for you?


If you are looking for dynamic change and to access more of you and what is possible for you, beyond anything you have known to date, then let’s see what we can create together.   Verbal processing sessions using the Access Consciousness tools are deeply effective and life changing and give you the tools to use for yourself after the sessions. They work brilliantly well on their own or they can be combined with Access Bars for an even deeper release for you and your body.

Whilst one session can achieve a lot, it is often highly beneficial to book a series of three so we can work even deeper to bring longer lasting change.      Skype or Zoom sessions can be highly effective for verbal processing and can be done from anywhere in the world.


Skype or Zoom sessions – 1 hr $100/£90.   Series of three sessions $275/£250

Access Bars®

A Bars session is the perfect way to create more space in your world and your body.

More space to be you.     More space to choose new.

This 90 minute session allows you to release old, stuck energies and find new ways of being You. Holding the 32 points releases the electromagnetic charge of limiting belief systems, judgements, conclusions and patterns.

Bars sessions with personal facilitation – 90 mins $130/£120

Series of three sessions $330/£320

Access Body Process and Symphony Sessions

Our bodies store so many of our judgements, belief systems and points of view. Working directly with the body assists you in making the changes you may aspire to a daily reality.

There are over 50 Access body processes designed to support and nurture your body and to align your body to the infinite being that you truly are.

Bodywork sessions are usually an hour – 90 minutes.

Symphony Sessions work on your body and energy field with an energetic space of non-judgment, empowerment and possibility where anything you desire to change can be accessed if you are truly willing to access it and receive that change.

These sessions invite you to open up to LIVING in a completely different way. The Symphony sessions are based on Access Consciousness tools and the energetic transformation work created by Dr Dain Heer.

Sessions are normally an hour.

To book sessions:

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