Are there areas of your life where you are less than happy?

Are you struggling to create healthy relationships?

Is work challenging and not satisfying for you?

Do you long to create a life that truly nourishes and inspires you?

Are there parts of your life where you just feel stuck?

If you are interested in creating change in any area of your life or would like to have more of YOU, then a personal facilitation is the way to clear limitations and unleash more of who you truly are.

I am available in person either in the Malvern area of the UK or by Zoom or Skype.   An online session can be as effective as in person. With the Access tools and processes, it is possible to change anything. We may have to peel away some layers for very deep issues but everything can be changed to clear more space, create more ease and give you greater possibilities for your life.

My aim is always to empower you to know what you know and to release more energy for you to create with.

An Access Bars® session is a fabulous support to the clearings as it allows the body to release the stored belief systems and points of view that hold limitation in place. Facilitation sessions are available in person or online.   Access Bars® would be in person only.

Do contact me if you would like to ask questions or see how I can assist you. Email:

Sessions can be a combination of clearings, Symphony energies and/or Access Bars.

  • Access body processes; Working with all areas of the body
  • Access energetic facelift; Lifting your face without surgery
  • Symphony sessions; Unlocking the magic of you
  • Access classes; Bars, The Foundation, Body Process classes

Juliana is available for talks to small or large groups. Please ask for more details.

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