Message from a Cretan Olive Tree

Golden Olive TreeI received this message from sitting under this ancient Olive Tree in Crete in May 2015

“I am cast in a deep trough of this land.   I drink  the nectar of the bees, the soil and the substructure that allows me to distill liquid sunshine into my fruits and the oil produced from me.

I am the first food of this land and I contribute to the gentle, strong energies here.   As you drink my oil, you are re-hydrated and rejuvenated.

I give abundantly in accord with all I receive;  there is a constant stream of give and receive that occur as one impulse.

Allow my strength to seep into your veins.   Draw the sap of my oil deep into you and add to the gold of your own being.    We, together, will create magic.

Dance with the food of the Gods – the olive and the bee nectar.”

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