Connections to Unseen Realms

elf with dandelion sculptureThe subtle rivulets of energy that sweep and surge defying definition or control. All of the undulating waves of dancing lights and energy pulses that course through our veins at all times whether we perceive them or not.

The vast reaches of the universe an extension of our very beings that we join in union with once in a while. As we open ourselves to receive those gentle impulses into our bodies and selves we become a part of the dance of the spheres, adding to the beauty of creation with every breath we take.

Every life form on this earth is a satellite for untold cosmic forces coalesced into the particular shape and size of its physical presence. We are also joined by untold species without the density of physicality but whose essence informs all aspects of our lives.

The elemental kingdoms, the fey, the creatures deemed as simply mythical and too fantastical to be real; all of these beings contribute to us in a multitude of ways and gift us their presence though we see them not. When we are willing to open our senses to them we can receive more fully their offerings and also meet them in a unified way.

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