Top Tips

  • Is your Wrongness really a Strongness?

    What if everything you thought was wrong about you is hiding a strength, gift or capacity?   Would you be willing to look at yourself through new eyes?   Who could you be if you did?

  • Who does it belong to?

    What if 99% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions you have are not yours?  What if you could return them to sender with consciousness attached and follow the lightness of who you are?  Could that be a contribution to you?

  • Body Awareness?

    Ask your body what it would like to eat today?  The awareness it gives might surprise you!

  • Making Space

    What job or task that you have been putting off could you tackle today to clear space in your world?


  • Beauty

    Universe, show me something beautiful today

Inspirational Blogs

  • Who am I really?
    February 2, 2017

    What if we are all SO much more than we have ever been led to believe? What if the definitions and categorisations we put ourselves in are nothing more than adopted lies? What are you and what are you capable of that you’ve never believed would be possible to actualise?

  • The tale of the dirty screens
    December 12, 2016

    What is it that keeps us from getting on with those little irritating jobs that begin to pile up or keep grabbing our attention until we finally do them? How much energy does it keep jammed up in our world and in our bodies to have those things there?

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