Your Body and Health

How is your relationship with your body?   Is it a friend or a problem for you?

Would you like greater ease with your health?

Do you know that the body has it’s own intelligence that you can work with?

Our bodies do so much to support us and when we can begin to work together with them, by listening to them and giving them the nurturing they require, we begin to create more harmony in our health.

What if all your symptoms are your body asking you to pay attention to something that is out of balance?

There is usually an energetic stuckness behind every symptom which, when we can clear that – whether it’s an emotion, an old trauma, belief systems or even something we have taken on for someone else – allows the body to let go of the pain or dis-ease.

I have worked with my body this way for many years and have hardly ever needed to see a doctor.

I offer Body Process classes from Access Consciousness ®  and also have a huge range of body processes I offer as personal sessions.   If there is anything you would like to change with your body, please contact me for more information.

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