So much of what is taught in the world about relationships is of how we relate to others but the first relationship we have is to ourselves.

How much are you able to be yourself even with others and to honour what you require for your life?    Do you care for you as much as you do for another?

Most relationships are based on compromise.    How honest are you able to be with what really works for you?

When we do what works for us, we are able to be in relationship to others from the truth of our being and not from squeezing ourselves to fit in with what we think others require of us.  That gives them the space to be truly them, especially when we are also willing to let go of any expectations we have of how they are ‘supposed’ to be or act around us!

Most relationships are not based on honesty because of the unspoken assumptions and conclusions we have based them on and many people divorce parts and pieces of themselves in order to have a relationship.

How could it be to have relationships where each person is supported to be all they can be, no matter what that looks like?   How could that change our world I wonder?

If we are looking for a partner, a friend or a lover to fill in parts of ourselves that we have not developed or, for them to take care of us in certain ways, then we reduce the possibility of an open, honest relationship that truly honours each person.

When we are truly willing to be intimate with ourselves and fulfil our own desires, it becomes so much easier and more joyful to be with others.

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