Are you too Sensitive?


Is it possible to be too sensitive?   In my past, I certainly thought so!

I spent so much of my time picking up on everyone else’s energies, pains, illnesses, unhappiness and trying desperately to ‘protect’ myself or learn to manage it all.

I would go into a room and suddenly have a stomach ache or a headache for no apparent reason or have panic attacks in confined places.   I would find it really difficult to be in a large city without feeling unwell.

I spent years as a child being taken to doctors and hospitals for inexplicable symptoms.

When I realised I was a healer and that this was my attempt to heal people, it helped a little but I still experienced the discomfort.

I created all sorts of ‘protections’ that didn’t really work but made me feel like I was doing something positive.

What I now realise is, I can have the awareness my body is giving me but I do not have to take it on, nor do I have to process it through my body. This has given me so much ease!

Would an infinite being require protection?   No, of course not.

What if your sensitivity is truly a gift and that you can benefit from it as well as others?

What if becoming more of the infinite being you are is all the protection you require?

I can assist you with simple tools that you can use every day to create greater ease and joy with your sensitivities and have them be a real asset to your life.


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