Accessing More of You

Who are you?   Who are you really, beyond your identity, your family, your nationality and gender?

How much has your life been a true expression of you?   What stories have you told yourself about who you are or been told is possible for you?

We are shaped so much by our families, our schooling and the cultural agreements around us that we often have no clue who we truly are and most people are far more amazing and capable than they have ever believed of themselves.

I wonder what it would take for you to begin to discover the magic that you are and how much easier your life could become as a result?


Like the image of the iceberg, most of us have so much more under the surface than we show to ourselves or others.   How much of that has been pushed down because you believe you cannot have more or be more?   What if you are greater than you would even dare hope?

We grow up in a world of judgement and conclusion and learn that to be acceptable, we have to adapt ourselves to fit in with other people’s realities.   That is the beginning of shutting down on what we, ourselves, have to offer and the unique gifts we bring to the world.

My delight is to assist you in allowing those hidden aspects of self to come to the surface, to have life breathed into them and to allow you to recognise the amazing being you are and then to share that with others.   By releasing the old judgements, conclusions, projections and expectations we have bought into or locked into our bodies, we have the chance to create space for something new and greater than we have ever had.

How much have you taken on of the judgements of others that have nothing to do with you and everything to do with their points of view?   What if you were able to easily let go of those judgements and see what is real and true for you?

Who could you be if you gave up the controls and took off all the limits?

If you were to actualise your greatest dreams (the ones you may have decided were unrealistic) how could that be?

Here are some questions you could be asking regularly:

What else could I be or do today to empower and expand my life beyond anything I have believed was possible?

What else is waiting for me beyond my wildest dreams?

A facilitation session with me will focus on whatever area of life you would most like to change.   This will often require clearing away what is keeping you stuck in limiting belief systems and patterns and freeing energy up to be used more creatively.

What if it could be easy to create whatever you desire in life?

Let’s see what is truly possible for you.

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