Tools to Change Your Life

Access Consciousness is a vast set of tools and processes that allow you to change anything in your life that you wish to change.



We are taught to look for answers in life but what can really create a dynamic change in any area is to be asking questions.

When you ask a question you open yourself to receive something new, which may give you greater awareness or it may show up as something different in your life.   Questions are like keys that open the doors to possibility.

Of course, the questions you ask do have to be genuine questions and not just seeking confirmation for what you think you already know!

There are two fundamental questions that we use in Access all the time.

What else is possible?®  and

How does it get better than this?®

You can use these two questions for any situation to unlock more possibility and to create beyond what you usually create.

So, for example if things are going well for you – ask ‘What else is possible and How does it get better than this?’   This will allow you to create something even greater.    If things are not going the way you would like them to be, ask the same questions to open up an awareness of what else you could create that is different to what you are experiencing.

Light and Heavy

Do you believe there is an absolute truth?   What if the truth for you may be different to what is true for others?    A brilliant way of finding what really works for you is to use this tool of Light and Heavy.

What is true for you will always make you feel lighter

What is not true for you will always make you feel heavy

See the blog How to Choose What Really Works for You on the page for more on this.




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