Access The Bars®

The first class in Access is the Bars®. These are 32 points on the head which, when gently held, allow you to release and permanently delete all the points of view and belief systems that are limiting you from this and other lifetimes, that you are willing to release.

It is like clearing the trash off your computer hard-drive which, although you’ve sent it to the trash bin is still sitting there till you remove it. It results in a lot more space for possibilities to show up that you would actually like to have and for there to be more peace and joy in your life.  A recent study by Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, a neuroscientist from the Center of Cognitive Enhancement, shows that the brain comes into coherence and alignment with the universe when the Bars are run.   The results from one session showed what would be expected in the brain of an experienced and long-term meditator.   Watch the video when he first presents his results:

This one day class teaches you to run the Bars for family, friends or clients as well as giving you the chance to receive two sessions yourself. How much could this class contribute to you and your life?

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Classes are normally held near Ledbury/Malvern in England but I am happy to travel to your area if you would like to organise a class.

Next class:   Sunday 28th July 2019

£270 for first time, £135 if repeating.

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Next class:  Saturday 10th August

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