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I have been on an inspirational journey for over 35 years to expand and deepen my awareness and understanding of the world of energy and consciousness. This has taken me to many wonderful teachers including nature herself. My studies have included natural law, the energy worlds; colour, depth psychology, astrology, shamanic journeying, energy healing and clearing. I have trained in many healing modalities – Reiki to Master level, Aromatherapy, Plant Spirit Medicine, The Reconnection®, Family Constellations and Counselling to name just a few. When I found Access Consciousness® I gained access to so much more of me and a whole set of tools and processes that support each person to unlock who they really are and clear away those limitations that block and constrict.

I have also worked closely with nature intelligences including the many elemental realms, who have taught me much and brought many healing energies into my life and those of my clients. I was a professional space clearer and feng shui practitioner for many years, as well as teaching and mentoring for the Feng Shui network in London and continue to clear spaces of unwanted energies and bring harmony to houses and land.

For all of this time I have been engaged in finding ways to change myself and assist others in transforming their lives. I am deeply intuitive and have a gift for getting under the surface to the core of what is causing a problem. I hold an empowering space of non-judgement to allow you to change whatever is in your way, to release that which no longer serves you and to facilitate you in becoming the infinite being that you actually are.

The more of us that awaken to our full potency the more we can be and do to create a new world – for ourselves and our beautiful planet.

Here’s a recent conversation I had with a friend about my journey and what led me to Access Consciousness.

Conversation about Tea and Roses

A website where I indulge in my love of tea, roses and cake and share recipes, ideas and inspirations:


The Magic of Energy & the Energy of Magic

Written by 26 authors this book explores many aspects of magical experiences.  My chapter explores the magical realms of nature.

Available from Amazon


Science of Possibility


This book offers a radical perspective uniting science with spiritual perspectives and alternative views of reality. It provides a comprehensive view through physics, biology, psychology and human experience. The result is a connected web that shows the patterns connecting consciousness to material existence in a way that reveals the non-ordinary reality of intuition, spiritual experience, alternative medicine as not just experience created by human minds, but as the ground base of reality.     This is a book I contributed to as author and editor.

Science of Possibility


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