Would you be interested in simple tools and processes that enable you to change any area of your life?  To create greater ease and access more of what you sense is possible for you?

Are you struggling with relationships?  With health?  With self-esteem?   With finances?  Or something else?

I wonder who you could be beyond those?    What else could be possible for you?


Watch the video above for an introduction to Access All of Life, and listen to the full audio version of the interview with Juliana here, below…

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JulianaI am a skilled facilitator of change and there are many ways I can assist you:

  • in personal facilitation sessions in person or on Skype
  • with Access Bars® sessions
  • in Access bodywork sessions
  • Symphony sessions
  • in classes to give you tools to use yourself to enable you to change anything


Youtube conversation about me and my approach to life



“Juliana, thanks so much for my Access session last week over Skype. I was curious if it would be different or perhaps less effective the face-to-face work. I found it to be every bit as potent and effective. Since the session in which we worked on layers of my history, on several vows, promises and belief systems that have kept me limited, I've felt much lighter. I also notice that I am able to make more positive life choices in the everyday moments of my life. I so appreciate your combination of deep insight, skill, integrity and warmth. Thank you so much. ”
- MF

“Juliana's Access Bars class resonated deeply with me. I was moved to tears while having my bars run the first time. I felt such a release and afterwards a joy that filled me with laughter. Juliana has a wonderful ability to sense the right questions to ask to facilitate my clearing of life times of baggage. I feel confident that I will be able to run the bars for my loved ones. This class was truly a life changing experience.”
- HS

“Juliana is a true gift... authentic and present during her facilitation - she never takes her focus off of what is best for you and your body! And thats just from having her facilitate while in a class - imagine how much more gentle potency she might bring in a one on one session. Thank you sincerely for being all you be... so you can be the invitation for me to be all that I can be.”
- MM

“After my session with Juliana I am delighted at how light and joyful I am feeling. Before the consultation I was awash with painful emotions that were destroying my joy of life. Juliana is extremely perceptive, she draws upon her vast array of skills and experience into exactly what is needed in the moment.”
- BG

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